How to Lay Commercial Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has a timeless beauty that can’t be matched by other flooring types. However a poorly laid floor can look and function poorly.

How to Lay Commercial Wood Flooring

If it’s being fitted commercially in the UK care and proper preparation must be taken and the useof experienced installers who work to the recommendations of BS 8201:2011, is a must.

Damp and location

Wood floors are susceptible to being damaged by damp and/or moisture.Commercial sites that are unfinished or recently finished can have excessive moisture as a result of:

  • Screeding
  • Wet trades
  • Previous atmospheric conditions
  • Spillages

Subfloor types

How the subfloor has been installed will mean the choices of underfloor materials are limited and could include:

  • Ply
  • Slabs
  • Concrete screeding
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Joists
  • Existing floorboards


Once damp is controlled and new materials arrived, these should be unpacked and acclimatised to the environment for at least 72 hours, preferably a week. The sub-flooring needs to be suitable and finished correctly, with dry surfacesthat are also clean and smooth. Issues at this stage can have a big impact.

Wood floor Installation

An initial colour and quality check is always advisable, with new planks checked for colour variations and scratches before fitting begins, it’s also important to ensure a mix of shades and patterns across the floor, rather than in patches.


Once a floor is laid it should be protected, this is through appropriate protective barriers and care going forward. If there is arisk of the floor being damaged after install it must be properly protected. Where the general public are involved or in a food environment particular care must be taken. Some steps would include:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Retreatment of lacquer
  3. Monitoring of broken or damaged planks

Types of floors

There are a huge range of flooring types with different budgets including the Ted Todd range of stunning floors and the range from WFA which are a similar product at a much lower price.

Examples are the End grain from WFA  and those from Ted Todd

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