Traveling to Costa Rica

If you’ve ever thought about traveling to Costa Rica, what is your main reason?

I’m about to embark on a journey through several Central American countries, and I’m most excited to visit Costa Rica.  I’ve seen a lot of good things posted about it and read many reviews of where to go on this San Jose Costa Rica website.  It’s the most informative resource I’ve seen online in quite some time, and has reviews of restaurants, beaches, sightseeing, and even brothers.  Yeah, I probably won’t be visiting much of them, being a woman and all, but I am going with a friend who is in real estate and he’s recently single.  Never know!

Things I’m looking forward to doing include visiting the Poas Volcano, one of the only active volcano’s in the country!  I wonder if it will erupt when I’m there?

Another thing I’m going to try to do is make sure I see the crocodile feeding while going on a crocodile tour in the Tarcoles River.  This is something you’ll see on national geographic, it’s very famous.  Here is a video below so you know what I’m talking about.

In addition, I’ll probably hope to see some monkeys down near Manuel Antonio Beach.  Apparently the country is FAMOUS for howler monkeys, and being from Florida, well, we don’t have many of those around!

Another thing on my “to do” list is to visit a coffee plantation.  Did you know that most of the coffee in Starbucks is made of Costa Rican beans?  It’s true!

So it’ll be coffee, monkeys, crocodiles, and a lot of food. The local cuisine doesn’t have me too excited, being it’s rice, beans, and pork.  I am more of a sushi person but I suppose being so close to the ocean we have to have a good chance at getting some fresh fish, right?

Staying downtown doesn’t really appeal to me, but the Capital City of San Jose has a gold museum and a lot of historic buildings, so we’ll be doing that as well.  Escazu is supposedly the “Beverly Hills of Costa Rica, ” so my real estate expert friend will most likely have to guide me through there and show me some value.  It’ll be interesting to see his take on the area and see how it stacks up to that of South Florida.

A few updates for all of you who submitted comments.

  1.  Looks like the link to that site I got information from is down.  Rats.
  2. I was thrilled to have joined in a Costa Rica bachelor party experience while I was there.  Wow, the good times had by all were amazing!  What a place for a fiesta!

I’ll be going back soon, no doubt about it.




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